Viljandi Creative Industry

Viljandi Centre for Creative Industries is looking for textile artists and metal workers/artists. The Centre offers the residents two experimental workshops (textile art and metal-working) which are equipped with contemporary appliances, and also supervision by artists with solid experience in traditional craftsmanship. The aim of the Centre is to provide new entrepreneurs with manufacturing and support services. We would like to connect the guest artisans' skills and vision with traditional Estonian craftsmanship in order to gain a novel interpretation of it. Residents' works will be presented to public at the Centre for Creative Industries and other venues in Viljandi.
Criteria: textile artists and metal artists/workers with the special interest towards Estonian traditional textile and metal works, a short description of planned activities at the Centre.

Well-equipped experimental workshop for producing various metal works – from small scale handicraft to large scale products and appliances. There are a master and a technician to provide technical support at the workshop.

Chemistry Studio: it’s possible to galvanize, there is also equipment for coppering, silvering and etching

Goldsmith Studio: is equipped for goldsmiths

Stoneworks: is equipped for cutting and polishing stone and glass; cutting wheels in various sizes and thicknesses and diamond polishing wheels

Locksmith Studio: metal cutting – milling machine, drilling machine for metal boring, lathe, moulding machine, anvils, hammers and English wheel

Textile studios are equipped with traditional handicraft tools and modern semi-automatic and electronic appliances, there are specialists to instruct residents. There are following equipment available for textile artists:

handloom and power looms; 

knitting machines: manual and electronic; 

tufting machine; 

felting machine; 

wool combing machine, wool carding machine, spinning wheel; 

leather sewing machines; 

semi-automatic embroidery machine; 

sewing machines and overlocking machine;

block print.


Residents will be charged for using equipment and materials in accordance with Industrial Center’s price list.