Viljandi is a small and beautiful lakeside town in the Southern part of Estonia, with around 18000 inhabitants. It is the sixth biggest city in Estonia and is situated in between Tallinn (two hour drive) and Latvian capital Riga (three hour drive) and is easy to access from both airports. There is a good bus connection with other larger cities of Estonia as well as a convenient train connection with Tallinn.

The scenic views and nice walking trails around the lake, wooden architecture and small cosy coffeehouses make Viljandi a fantastically relaxing place of interest to both nature and culture lovers.

This town is famous for its manifold and colorful cultural scene which includes the biggest folk music festival in the Baltic and Northern countries, weekly traditional and jazz music concerts, one of the best professional theatres in Estonia, street and yard parties and small festivals organized by locals, native art gallery and Viljandi Cultural Academy create the vibe of the city. 

Viljandi is also known as a town where export is two times bigger than import and the average salary is third in Estonia. The town is known for producing and exporting innovative pack robots, pillows and blankets, windows and doors, wood panels and steel products.